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Business life moves too fast to allow you the collection of all relevant information and documents about Hungarian companies, translated in your language.Hungarian companies In most cases, you need documents from different offices, and it’s not easy and quick. Don’t waste your time: we can do this for you, We can provide a translated, original or notarized, extract of the Register of Companies reporting actual data. It is also available an historical extract, reporting all the modification of statutes since the establishment of the company. We can also provide information about the managing directors, to understand how many companies they manage. We can provide the financial statements filed since 2010.

Certified translation of documents, attested translation, notarization, Apostille, legalization: these are different attributes that allow the use of Hungarian documents abroad. Sometimes a simple translation is not enough, never accepted for international use, although the content is correct and fully understandable. Here below a short list of meanings:

Certified translation

It is a translation with a „certificate of accuracy” signed and dated by the translator, stating that the translation performed is a ‘true and accurate translation of the original’.

Attested (sworn) translation

Usually, means an officially accepted translation performed by a professional translator approved by the competent authority in each country. In Hungary, a sworn translation is provided by OFFI: Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation.


A notarized document is a document which has been authenticated by the signature of the relevant individual and the signature of the notary public who acts as a witness to the signature. On this document is then given the impression of the official notary seal. Hungarian companies


It is a certification provided under the Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. In other words, an Apostille is a certificate that is attached to a notarized document so that it will be accepted when used overseas.


It is a certification of authenticity of certain documents provided by some Consulates abroad. Similar to notarization, but provided by a public officer of the Consulate. Usually required for the use of Hungarian documents in countries that are not parties of the Hague Convention of 1961.




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